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Issy Burnup

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  Who is Issy Burnup? She is surprising. She is loveable. She’s a guitarist who thrives on the music of the late 1970’s. And finally, she’s a singer with a story to tell.

And she's very, very good.  Plus, she's pioneering a new musical genre. She's calling it Tarantino Rock.

Growing up in North Queensland, Airlie Beach, Issy has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and America, and has lived what feels like many lifetimes in her short years.

With many different stories to tell, both from her time abroad and upbringing in a regional area, she is a girl who never fails to find songwriting inspiration.

Although it is hard to define Issy’s musical genre, she has decided to call it Tarantino Rock, and anyone with ears can hear the late sixties and early seventies in it. Some of Issy’s musical inspirations include David Bowie, Meatloaf, the Divinyls, the Who and Blondie.

Being a natural performer, both in life and on stage, she is someone that is simply captivating to watch. With highs and lows in her live shows, she goes from a soft and heartfelt ode to love, to her wild and dangerous character – The Night Rider. Issy is many things, with ‘entertaining’ being very much a defining characteristic.

With her debut single ‘When’s Take Off?’ hitting No.1 on the iTunes Rock Charts last May, and her following release ‘Denizens of The Deep’ reaching No. 2, Issy has just released her newest single ‘Alone Tonight’ this Valentine’s just gone!

This latest release is personal, and deeply emotive, more so than anything she has previously released. Wrapped up in elegant metaphors and provoking honesty, Issy has managed to deliver a message that is universal. Written at quarter past midnight, under the fairy lights on her bed, she has skilfully crafted a beautiful, addictive guitar melody, with disturbingly catchy vocals and above all else a narrative so relatable it is haunting.

So who is Issy Burnup? A guitarist. A singer. A hell of a performer. And finally, a songwriter.

Issy Burnup is someone to remember.

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Issy Burnup 'Live'

The Other Realm
The Speigel
The Night Rider

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